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Driving & Self-Guided Tours

Crystal Lake Fish Hatchery

Crystal Lake Hatchery is located near the town of Burney in eastern Shasta County. Baum and Crystal Lakes are adjacent and offer exceptional fishing. Picnic tables are available and wildlife abounds in this area.

Packway Folk Sculptures

The sculptures were made by Richard and Will Hathaway over a period of many years.  The  composition of the sculptures is varied, reflecting the construction background of the owners. Some of the more interesting sculptures you'll find at this roadside exhibit are a dinosaur that measures nearly 40 feet tall, a giant ant, and a man made from the local lava rocks.

Allen Telescope Array

The Allen Telescope Array at the Hat Creek Observatory is a 42 dish radio telescope that can act as a snapshot camera, rapidly surveying large swathes of the sky. It operates over multiple frequency bands concurrently and can operate as a single large dish (by pointing all dishes in the same direction) or as 42 independent dishes (looking in different areas of the sky simultaneously).

Subway Cave

Subway Cave is a lava tube that was formed during volcanic events just twenty thousand years ago, but today it offers an unusual hiking experience in an area of very interesting and recent geologic activity.

Dana Loop

A 60 mile tour beginning and ending in Burney.  It includes beautiful sites, waterfalls, and history of the area.

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