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The Intermountain News is published every Wednesday morning for the communities of Burney, Fall River Mills, McArthur, Round Mountain, Big Bend, Montgomery Creek, Johnson Park, Old Station, Hat Creek, Glenburn, Cassel, Nubieber, Bieber, Lookout, Adin, Dana, Little Valley, Pittville, Cayton Valley, and Pondosa.


Craig Harrington

PO Box 1030 - Burney, CA 96013

(530) 725-0925

Online publication of news about events in the Intermountain Area.  Pit River Country’s philosophy is “Communication builds Community.”  If you have news or are planning an event, please email or send me a press release.  I am also a reporter for the Mountain Echo.

Alex Colvin

37473 Birch Ave. - Burney, CA 96013


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Burney Chamber of Commerce

36879 Main Street, Burney, CA 96013

Hours: Tue thru Thur  11:00AM - 2:00PM

Phone: (530)-335-2111


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