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Energy, Lumber & Trucking

Sierra Pacific Industries logo
Tubit Enterprise logo

Burney Forest Power

Contact: Billy Dillard

35586 B Hwy 299 E

Burney, CA 96013

(530) 335-5023

Burney Transportation

Contact:  Alissa Allison

21703 N Cottonwood St

Burney, CA 96013


ConnectGen Fountain Wind

ConnectGen is a renewable energy company focused on developing best-in-class wind, solar, and energy storage projects that will increase America's supply of low-cost, domestically produced clean energy.


ConnectGen (Fountain Wind Project)

1001 McKinney St., Suite 700

Houston, TX  77002

(281) 520-6695

Hatchet Wind Ridge LLC

Contact: Kenneth Hammon

19400 Bunchgrass Lookout Rd

PO Box 2675

Burney, CA 96013

(530) 335-3736

Sierra Pacific Industries

Contact: Michelle Nystrom

PO Box 496011

Redding, CA 96049

(530) 378-8271


Tubit Enterprise

Logging and firewood sales.

Contact: Doug Lindgren

21640 S. Vallejo Street

PO Box 1019

Burney, CA 96013



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