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Religious & Spiritual Organizations

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Word of Life

Burney Presbyterian Church

Burney Presbyterian Church is located at the corner of Main Street and Marquette Street.  The location is across the street from Safeway.  The Burney Presbyterian Church Sanctuary has windows made out of stained glass by a talented Burney resident.  The windows are a sight to behold.


Burney Presbyterian Church

20435 Marquette Street

Burney, CA.  96013


St. Francis of Assisi

Our Mission

We, the Catholic Church of Saint Francis, are a community of faith called by Baptism to center our lives in the sacraments and the Holy Eucharist. We gather together to mutually grow in our love for God and neighbor by studying the Word of God; by believing in the Faith and Traditions from the Apostles; by accepting the teachings of the Magisterium and by receiving and giving support, hope, faith and charity. Nosotros la Iglesia de San Francisco, somos una comunidad de Fe llamados por el Bautismo a centrar nuestra vida en los sacramentos y la Santa Eucarísta. Nostros nos reunimos para crecer mutuamente en nuestro amor a Dios y a nuestro semejante a través de estudiar la Palabra de Dios; a través de creer en la Fe y Tradición de los Apóstoles; a través de aceptar las enseñanzas del Magisterio y a través de recibir y dar Apoyo, Fe, Esperanza y Caridad.


37464 Juniper Ave

PO Box 160

Burney, CA 96013

(530) 335-2372


The Meeting Place at BPC

Contact:  Tim Scarbrough

20435 Marquette St

PO Box 1240

Burney, CA 96013

(530) 335-2271


Word of Life Assembly  

At Word of Life we are all about community.  We believe that friendships grow, our faith grows, and life is just plain better when we live it together.  Our Sunday Services are at 9:00 and 11:00 a.m.  We have a “come as your are” atmosphere and a saying that there are “no perfect people allowed” because we know we’re not perfect.  We believe in loving God and loving people.


Contact: Kathy Newton

37341 Main St

Burney, CA 96013



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